• Share health professionals educational standings and strategies in the country, SEA region in regards to reorientation, changing activities, challenges and outcomes of transformative scaling up of health professionals education in line with global standards

  • Identify common interests and set/formulate common strategies for future action plan for transformative scaling up of health professionals education

  • Explore prospects of national & international cooperation for information sharing, technical cooperation and exchange of resources for the development of health professionals education using ICT

  • Orient stakeholders to the theme of reorientation of health professionals education and country position and strategies in line with transformative scaling up of health activities, education and care to face the health challenges in Bangladesh and SEA region for achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

  • Provide a platform for national and international health experts/ educators and different professionals to expose and share scientific/ research findings specially in line with global and regional health challenges in health workface development towards UHC.